We are His Remnant
Our aim as a creative body is to be taught by God Himself and release what is before His throne into the earth through the creative arts, including writing, crafts, jewellry, sculpture and much more...

Welcome to the home of Prophetic Artists South Africa. We are thrilled to have the Lord open up this platform so that we can come together as His creative body and really be intentional in pioneering the kingdom of heaven into the earth through spirit led art. This will be a place of upliftment with unity being the most important element.

As His Remnant, we will be there for each other, championing one another, working together for the greater glory of the kingdom of heaven. We are called to war, our paintbrushes, palettes and paint being our armour, releasing our artwork into the earth for His glory, causing the enemy to flee in all directions.

Our aim is to have the absolute "now" available to everybody. This will be a platform where we will regularly post about workshops, seminars, conferences and break aways.

We also have an Artist Directory where one can pay a yearly membership to be featured. Check out our options and apply on the Membership options page, T's & C's will apply and applications which will be reviewed. There will be many benefits attached to this incentive where you will have access to a data base for your perusal in your field as well as the incredible benefit of collaboration and belonging to something bigger than yourself. We aim to support one another, linking arms together and marching forward for His glory!

It's not "just a painting"...it's paintings that make Godly declarations, changing atmospheres and taking dominion for the kingdom of heaven.





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